Guide to prepare your vehicle for spring

Guide to prepare your vehicle for spring

As the winter snow melts away and the weather starts to warm up, it's time to shift our focus to spring car maintenance. After enduring months of harsh driving conditions, giving your vehicle some TLC is essential to ensure it stays safe and reliable and performs optimally throughout the year. This comprehensive guide will take you through a thorough spring car maintenance checklist to help you prepare your vehicle for the season. From changing tires to topping up fluids, we've got you covered.


Spring Car Maintenance Checklist


Change From Winter Tires to All-Season Tires


Although the government in Ontario does not mandate winter tires, they are highly recommended for your safety. Consider the weather conditions specific to your region and switch to all-season tires accordingly.


Rotate Your Tires


As you switch out your tires, take the opportunity to rotate them as well. Moving the rear tires up front and vice versa ensures even wear and tear. Double-check tire pressure for optimal performance.


Head to the Car Wash


Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning to remove the accumulated grime, road salt, and debris from the winter months. Proper cleaning is crucial to prevent rust and maintain your car's appearance.


Top-Up Engine Fluids


Check and replenish your vehicle's essential fluids, including brake, transmission, power steering, windshield, washer, and radiator. Don't forget to check the oil colour; it's time for an oil change if it appears black.


Get an Alignment Check


During the winter, icy and uneven road surfaces can affect wheel alignment. Take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for a professional alignment check to ensure proper handling and responsive steering.


Have the Brakes Checked


While getting the alignment checked, it's advisable to have your brakes inspected too. A professional mechanic can assess the condition of your brakes, including the pads and rotors, ensuring they’re in excellent working order.


Repair Cracks in Windshield


Winter driving often leads to cracks and chips in windshields due to gravel and debris on the roads. It's crucial to address minor damage promptly to prevent it from worsening and potentially requiring a full windshield replacement.


Test Your Battery


Extreme temperature swings during winter can take a toll on your vehicle's battery. Utilize a battery load tester to assess its condition and determine if it requires replacement.


Swap Out Filters


Replace the engine, fuel, and cabin air filters to enhance fuel efficiency and improve the air quality inside your vehicle, especially for passengers with allergies.


Check Engine Belts and Hoses


While generally not needing annual replacement, inspecting belts and hoses ensures they’re in good condition. Look for signs of wear, cracks, or glazing that indicate replacement needs.


Replace Wiper Blades


After a long winter of clearing snow, slush, and rainfall, it's time to replace your windshield wiper blades for optimal visibility during spring showers. Consider replacing them each time you switch between winter and all-season tires.


Clean Out and Vacuum Interior


Clean your car's interior thoroughly by removing debris, vacuuming fabric components, washing floor mats, and wiping down hard surfaces. Test exterior lights to ensure they’re functioning correctly.


Review Your Auto Insurance


Take the opportunity to review your auto insurance policy during spring car maintenance. Ensure that the terms are acceptable and communicate any changes affecting your coverage to your insurance broker.


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Spring car maintenance is crucial in ensuring your vehicle's optimal performance, safety, and longevity. Following this comprehensive checklist can prepare your vehicle for the season ahead. Contact Olschewski Group in Bracebridge, ON, for professional assistance ensuring your vehicle is ready for spring.

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