Nissan Connect

Nissan Connects

The Olschewski Group invites you to enter the realm of high-tech convenience, security, and entertainment with Nissan Connect, the vital core of Nissan Intelligent Mobility™. This groundbreaking technology is designed to enhance your driving experience by merging impressive features available at your fingertips.

Seamless Integration with NissanConnect®

NissanConnect® brings innovative features designed to provide both entertainment and convenience while bolstering vehicle security. With NissanConnect®, your vehicle is transformed into a connectivity hub, making each journey you embark on more enjoyable and stress-free.


Android Auto™: A Safer Way to Drive

Designed with the safety of road users in mind, Android Auto™ delivers the necessary information for the journey ahead in a convenient and easy-to-navigate format. Using your phone in your Nissan vehicle has never been simpler or safer than it is with Android Auto™.


Apple CarPlay®: Your Mobile World in Your Nissan

For Apple enthusiasts, Nissan vehicles offer Apple CarPlay® compatibility. Sync your iPhone to access your favourite Apple Music tunes, utilize the superior navigation functionality of Apple Maps, or engage the hands-free features of Siri™ for communication on the go. Your digital world is conveniently available in your Nissan.


Empower Yourself with MyNISSAN

The MyNISSAN app offers a new level of vehicle control and assistance. Available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, this app allows you to remotely lock your car, receive roadside assistance, and even remotely start your vehicle without needing your keys. The power of your Nissan is now within your pocket.


SiriusXM®: A Universe of Entertainment

Satellite radio has never been so accessible with SiriusXM® on NissanConnect®. Enjoy a diverse selection of over 150 channels, along with the convenience of Travel Link® and SiriusXM Traffic features that make every journey more enjoyable and less stressful.


Effortless Bluetooth® Pairing

With NissanConnect®, pairing your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to your Nissan's Bluetooth system is a breeze. This connectivity allows for hands-free calling, music streaming, and more, ensuring you stay connected during your drive.


Security & Convenience

NissanConnect® Services introduces a new level of security and convenience. Have you forgotten to lock your vehicle or want to warm it up before you depart? All you need is the NissanConnect Services app on your compatible smartphone or smartwatch. Additionally, response specialists are at your service around the clock for emergency situations, roadside assistance, or even vehicle tracking in case of theft.


Uninterrupted Connectivity

Music lovers rejoice with NissanConnect®. Wirelessly stream music from your smart device via Bluetooth®, access your Apple Music library with Apple CarPlay®, or tune into your favourite audio apps using your vehicle's built-in controls. With over 150 channels of SiriusXM Satellite Radio or access to over 40 million songs with Google Play Music via Android Auto™, your soundtrack to every journey is endless.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of NissanConnect® and transform your driving experience. With a blend of safety, convenience, and entertainment, Nissan's connected technology is redefining the parameters of automotive comfort and security.


Get Started with NissanConnect®

Ready to experience NissanConnect® and explore the exciting possibilities it brings to your driving experience? Don't hesitate! Reach out to the Olschewski Group today. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the features and help you fully harness the power of Nissan's innovative technology. Contact us now and let your journey with Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ begin.