Which Mitsubishi SUV is right for you?

Which Mitsubishi SUV is right for you?

Mitsubishi has three affordable SUV models available, with one being an efficient and reliable PHEV. Having an electric option available is great for anyone looking to save on fuel or lighten their carbon footprint. These SUVs boast moderate comfort and outstanding performance, giving you everything you need for any journey, on or off the road.


How to Choose an SUV?


Picking an SUV should be done based on your needs. If you're only sticking to the city, then all you need to focus on is space and technology. However, a more powerful engine is preferred if you're planning to venture off-road. 


SUVs can have a third row, giving you space to seat up to eight people, depending on the model. With seats that can be folded down, this space also translates into a storage area for cargo, whether it's groceries or sporting gear. Additionally, many SUVs boast great assistance tools, keeping you safe and helping you drive more confidently.


Why Buy a Mitsubishi SUV?


Mitsubishi SUVs offer tremendous space and utility alongside power and performance. Additionally, with the option of an electric vehicle, you can save on fuel if you're not taking long road trips through rural areas. 


Moreover, according to J.D. Power, Mitsubishi is number one regarding customer satisfaction with dealer services. While this is only calculated among mainstream brands, it's still an impressive award. Aside from this, their vehicles are well known and praised for safety and performance.


Which Mitsubishi SUV Should You Buy?


There are four SUV options available from Mitsubishi. While three of these are Outlander models, they have unique aspects worth consideration.


2024 Mitsubishi Outlander


With an available Super All-Wheel Control, the technology offered for the Outlander is impressive. The seven-seater SUV gives plenty of space for passengers and cargo. 


Additionally, the model has been revised for the 2024 year. Overall, it's a great model for anyone looking for a reliable gas SUV. The starting price is $28,395.


2024 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport


The Outlander Sport is a compact SUV combining robust features and advanced technology. Being compact, the space inside its cabin is more limited, with seating available for only five passengers. 


This model is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a smaller SUV. Plus, it starts at only $23,695.


2024 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid has a fantastic achievement, having been named 2024 Family Green Car of the Year™ by Green Car Journal. As a seven-seater, the PHEV model is spacious while saving money on fuel, making it an ideal option for anyone wanting to help the environment. It starts at $40,345.


2024 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross


The Eclipse Cross is a sporty option, ideal for anyone wanting a more stylish option. The SUV features improved handling thanks to the enhanced handling of S-AWC and a well-designed interior with a sleek exterior design. This model is priced at $26,345.


Get Your Mitsubishi Today!


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